Student Council

Welcome to our Student Council Page!

May 29: We went around to each classroom this morning to explain how the "Buddy Benches" work. So far we have seen a few people using them. What a great way to make friends! 

May 17: We had a meeting today with some of our teachers. We were discussing the different projects we want to see around the school. Our big project is that we are going to design/ paint a buddy bench on each yard so that no one is on their own at break or lunch. 

May 25: We have painted our buddy benches with the help of Ms O'Donnell Burke & Vinny. We had great fun designing and painting them. We are waiting for them to dry.

April 26: We had a meeting today to discuss the opening and closing times for our school next year. We have given the results to our teachers. 

March 15: Our student council have been working hard organising different activities and initiatives for the school. Keep an eye on our page to keep up to date with us!